Serving pride and sophistication in every bottle, for any occasion – Whisky Emporium is a boutique store with limited edition whiskies and spirits with a focus on
premium and super-premium brands for the aspirational individual who enjoys the finer things in life.

Having been South Africa’s leading independent liquor retailer for the last 28 years with 390 stores, Liquor City is embarking on the next adventure in their award-winning history and proudly presents its first-ever Whisky Emporium.

Why Shop at Whisky Emporium?

1. We stock and offer a wide variety of premium whiskies.
2. We are able to source particular or preferred whiskies to please your palate.
3. Whiskey appraisal and buy in for collectors looking to sell items.
4. Our whiskies are imported, offering unique brands not available to others.
5. We have a large footprint of not only in-store, but also free-standing stores.
6. Affordable whiskies across all price points.
7. We are not limited to whiskies; we offer other premium spirits, wines and cigars.
8. As of next year, entertaining whisky evenings / events will be hosted each month.
9. We offer a unique shopping experience with a premium look and feel.
10. You can always expect great service.