Three Ships 13 Year Single Malt Whisky Cape Ruby Cask Finish




Indulge in a luxurious taste of South African innovation with the Three Ships 13 Year Old Single Malt Cape Ruby Cask Finish. This meticulously crafted whisky is a masterpiece from Three Ships Master Distiller Andy Watts, pushing the boundaries of whisky creation. Aged for eight years in American oak casks, the spirit takes on a smooth and mellow base.The magic unfolds with a five-year finish in specially selected Cape Ruby casks. These casks, used to mature the region's prized fortified wine, imbue the whisky with a captivating complexity. The resulting liquid boasts a rich color reminiscent of a South African autumn sunset, with hues of ruby, gold, and auburn swirling in the glass. On the nose, a delightful interplay of sweet and smoky notes unfolds, with hints of nuttiness intertwined with warm wisps of smoke, aged leather,and a touch of tobacco. The palate is a full-bodied and richly rewarding experience. Flavors of red berries dance alongside Christmas fruitcake and decadent toffee, enveloped in a honeyed sweetness. The signature peat character of Three Ships whisky peeks through subtly, adding a touch of smokiness that lingers on the exceptionally smooth finish. This limited-edition release, with only 2,397 bottles available, is a collector's dream and a perfect gift for whisky connoisseurs. Savor it neat or with a dash of water to unlock the full spectrum of its exquisite flavors, and embark on a journey of South African single malt excellence.